Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Gross-Out Charlie

The contents of Killer Charlie's stomach when he yakked outside:
  • 1 backbone
  • 2 skulls
  • assorted front and rear legs
  • a couple of itty bitty feet (nearly invisible)
And thank you for dropping by! Happy COT!

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  1. Hehe ! sounds like a horror movie ! My cats prefer to bring them home dead or unfortunately mostly alive ! Only mice, no birds fortunately !

  2. ewww, I can tell you my stomach contents after reading about Charlie’s!

    ;) Just kidding,
    Well at least he doesn't bring them home to you before they are partially digested!

  3. and thank goodness he was outside!!! Ewww!

    He's a strikingly handsome dude, that Charlie.

    His taste in meals leaves much to the imagination!

    D :)

  4. Wow, Charlie had a blast hunting! As Gattina said, most cats bring them home (half) alive...

    I'm showing pics of the cats in their favourite napping spot!

  5. That was Gross! I hate looking but sometimes you have to...I'm checking for worms, just in case!

  6. Ugh, that is gross. But I guess it's part of the lifestyle of many cats.

  7. Very thorough content counting--you made your cat proud!

  8. EEEEE, horribly....but like our cats, a real outdoor cat.
    And that true, Luna bring them home..yes into the house...alive.
    You can hear them squeaking when she plays with it.
    It is better they kill the mice and eat them !

  9. Yech, ack, argh! My face looks like that little comic strip Calvin's right now! I knew there was a reason the gang isn't allowed out...the grossest yak-ups we have around here are mile long hairball rolls.

  10. Charlie is doing a good job!
    We just had grass today.

  11. Too funny!! No wonder he threw up! This would have been a great Cats on Tuesday post for Halloween. Enjoy your evening!

  12. Couple of mice for dinner, eh?

  13. Oh my goodness! Charlie is quite the hunter! I've never eaten any live creatures. I don't know what I'd do if I encountered a real, live mouse. I do love playing with my catnip ones, though!

  14. And we're only hearing about the ones he yacked! Im sure he digested a few too :)


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