Monday, October 15, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Summer is Over

Zorro enjoying the warm sun at the edge of the woods on September 25.

Frosts are nightly now. The foliage is nearly gone. You can see deeper into the woods every day. The rain chills your bones. The furnace is on. The cats venture outside for an hour at the most, hiding in the tall grasses near the back door waiting for somebody to notice them. Or they stand on the picnic table under the front kitchen window and knock on the screen. They are sleeping inside, under the covers, every night. Enemies for life, Buddy and Charlie, are sleeping each on a separate side of me nightly, glaring at each other, sometimes growling, but abandoning their feud for now. Winter is coming.

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  1. Pity Buddy and Charlie are enemies. It's to nice to cuddle up when it's cool. We're going into the monsoon season - and Au loathes thunder. Luckily he has safety spot under the table!

  2. What a beautiful photo of Zoro!

    The tempature has been dropping at night here and all our cats try and sleep with us now, plus the dog!

  3. It's the same here ! Only Kim stays still outside and Pookie and Lisa are ennemies for life, but also sleep in the same place when it is not avoidable ! In Belgium Halloween is not known that much, but where I live there are a lot of Americans so people are getting used to Halloween and as I like it I took over the use to decorate the house (and my blog of course) But there are no kids ringing at the door for treats. In England and Ireland Halloween is also very much celebrated. Halloween came to America through the Irish imigrants.

  4. Zorro is such a handsome cat!

    Enemies until spring time, Charlie & Buddy. Then they'll have room to get away from one another!

    Can't say Fall has arrived, but the temperatures have dropped some here in central FL. Now it's in the mid 50's at night and low 80's during the day! LOL

    D :)

  5. Buddy and Charlie, I am glad that you can share the bed, even if you aren't friends. Cuddling with a warm human is the best thing to do on a cool evening. :)

  6. It´s also the same here. Luzie is enemie of Frieda and Luna. They would never share the bed or another place. Our cats are outside over night every day except Luna. They only come into the house in December an January over night.
    Have a nice day!

  7. I know it, the summer he leaves us and the winter he will already come. For that reason I sleep with mom in their bed it is more warm.
    Feliz Martes!

    Luna Spain

  8. I've got some enemies that better start playing nice or they will have a cold hard winter.

    I love that has almost a motion to it. Extraordinary. It is just now getting chilly here. I am afraid our leaves won't be so pretty because of the draught. They are just drying up instead of flaming color.

  9. Oooh, your post makes me want to snuggle up by a warm fire with a cat...or two...or eight on my lap. I love how Buddy and Charlie glare at each other over the top of you! Funny!

  10. That is a wonderful photo. Black cat against fading grasses.

    It's getting cooler (and rainier) here as well, and curling up on the bed to sleep is the thing to do...


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