Monday, October 29, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Turnip's Illness

This summer, Turnip was very ill. He had gradually lost weight, his stools were loose and bloody, and he had barely any control over them. At the end of summer, he spent a few days in the hospital and they found he had a bad liver count. He then spent two full weeks in a kennel in the city because he could not receive the medication (he hides here when it's time for meds) or the prescription food he needed because of the other cats. For Turnip, these three weeks away from home were full of terror. He is an affectionate, quiet homebody.

He came home a bit plumper and healthier but within two weeks he was worse than before. He refused to eat his special prescription food. He was crying in pain and became thinner than he had been before. By the time Labor Day Weekend arrived, Anna and I were discussing doing the unthinkable and putting him to sleep so that he would no longer suffer his obvious pain. I could not justify sending him back to the vet or the kennel for treatment because his terror was heartbreaking.

But after Labor Day, my source of Wellness cat food dried up. I then bought what all of my cats had been weaned on: Nutro Max. Within one week, Turnip had gained weight, his stools were normal, he was sleeping peacefully, and was a part of the household again.

Turnip was not "sick": he had suffered a severe, life-threatening food allergy. The vets never diagnosed this. None of us had a clue. The photo above is from Sunday when Turnip was reading in bed with me, in the crook of my arm, purring and warm. My Turnip is back and without any pain. Be careful if you switch your cat food.

Thank you for coming. I wish you peace for the upcoming week.

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  1. Oh poor Turnip! And poor you! I can imagine how awful that time was for you, as much as we all love our little felines. I'm so glad you figured out what the problem was on your own and that he is a big, healthy boy now. I love it that he is so snuggly. Silver is my only cat that comes close to that, but I don't read in bed, only in my recliner, so I don't know if the kitties would join me if I read in bed; as it is, Silver is almost always on my lap when I'm in the recliner. Happy COT -- this entry makes it sound like a very happy one for you!

  2. Oh my the poor Turnip ! that's terrible to find out later after all what had be done to safe his life that it was "only" a food allergy !! I always have different sorts of can food from different brands and change every day. Only Pookie eats dry food, the others not or only occasionally. I always think that cats are like us I don't want to eat the same plate everyday either. He looks so comfy and happy reading ... lol !
    The horrible spider is part of my halloween decoration and little Rosie loves to play with it !
    Thanks for the good wishes for my holidays on Friday afternoon I am off ! Youpee ! 78° there and only 4 h flight !

  3. So glad Turnip is better. Our big Maine Coon cat has had a history of terrible stomach/bowels stuff when we have changed food on him--so now we just don't ever change. I thought we were going to lose him (Oliver) this past spring and my heart was breaking--I know the pain you must have been feeling.

  4. Oh that is scary.
    When my cats were sick I gave them baby food ground turkey and the baby rice cereal mixed with warm water.
    When Zander was very il adn I thought he was going to die last year the vet wanted me to give him a special vet prescription food.
    It was very expensive and Zander hated it not to mention he was not getting any better but seemed to get worse.
    I gave him instead the baby fod turkey and rice cereal with his antibotic and in a week he was doing so much better.
    after 2 weeks he was his old self again.
    I wonder what is in the Vet special food that makes the cats sick like that?

  5. That's a very scary experience for both Turnip and you! Thanks for the warning.
    My COT is about Freyja and flames.

  6. Poor Turnip, going through such an ordeal, and poor you! I'm glad that switching food back to what he had first eaten helped him so much! When I started having tummy troubles, the first thing the vet thought of was food allergy or intolerance.

  7. Poor Turnip ! I´m glad he feels better now. Frieda also has a food intolerance. She get sensitiv food but it is not easy with 3 cats, she always tries to get the food of the other cats.
    I like the picture with the bat,it is great.
    Happy tuesday

  8. My Sebastian is like that. I have to watch what dry food he eats. He eats more canned food now as his teeth are not what they once were. I am so glad that you found the problem.

  9. I'm glad your kitty is feeling better. She's cute too.

  10. Thank you for that story. I like having this knowledge in case it ever comes up with one of mine. How would you know? I am so thankful that little Turnip recovered....bless your hearts that was quite a story.

    Peace to you in this coming week too!

  11. Poor Turnip. It's sad that he had to go through so much terror and pain, but I'm glad to hear he's doing better.

    He's so pretty.

  12. Oh my gosh, poor poor Turnip!!!! It's a horrible way to find out about food allergies but I will make sure to take note of the kitties if we switch their food. Why didn't food allergy occur to the vet???? just wondrin....

  13. Happy to hear Turnip is on the mend. Beautiful photo of your baby! Happy COT!

  14. Frightning story - I think you should change Vet.

  15. Oh my goodness! I never would have thought of that either. What a lucky thing that you switched foods. I would have had him put to sleep too. How tragic!

    He is a lovely cat. I am so glad the ending to the story was happy.

    Sorry I am so late this week. Busy, busy, busy!


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