Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dogs on Thursday: Bruno the Corn Maze Dog

Bruno is owned by the Corn Maze farmer. He is a corn-cob loving chocolate lab. He rips cornstalks out of the maze, shakes the cobs free, and then runs like a crazed chocolate lab with his corn. He eats several ears of corn a day! I caught him in this photo looking guilty after ripping up some cornstalks.

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  1. Nice photo, guilty dog.

    I don't participate in Wordless Wednesday but dropped by to tell you thanks for stopping by my blog and that you've been tagged for the 'I've been tagged with my pants down meme' check out the rules at my blog

  2. Naughty little puppy.


  3. I never heard about Dogs on Thursday, how great! Bruno is funny. And he sure does have a guilty expression on his face.

  4. What a great picture!
    He does look guilty but he also has the expression that says;
    "It was worth it."

  5. nice dog. is this yours ??? my dog died last year and i miss him sooooo much.

  6. That dog knows how to have fun! I love a dog who can entertain himself (without ripping up the carpet). My dog will also eat anything she thinks is human food. Plus occasionally cardboard, sticks, and dirt.

  7. That is such a cute I'm not guilty look. :) With the big tongue hanging out.

    Happy Dogs on Thursday!!!

  8. What a beautiful dog. Eccentric, but beautiful.

  9. What a cute meme!! don't have a pet but love looking at other people's pets :)

  10. He's very handsome - and I love corn on the cob too! :-)


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