Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dogs on Thursday: Haunted Hell: A Vermont Ghost Story from Joseph Citro

Haunted Hell by Joseph Citro

I found this sad, ghostly story of a boy and his dog from old Vermont, as told by Vermont author Joseph Citro on his blog.
One of the most gothic elements associated with Bristol is the belief that a murdered boy and his sidekick, a demonic hound, hold an eternal vigil in the lightless bowels of the mine shaft. They are preternaturally compelled to forever guard against would-be treasure hunters. Franklin S. Harvey wrote, "As these patient toilers hewed their way through the ledge and drew nearer to the object of their search, they could hear the boy sign and groan . . ."
To read the rest of the story, Haunted Hell, click here.



  1. I just got up (it's 5 am) thanks to my cats and now you scare me to death , lol ! Of course you can steal whatever you want on my blog I stole it too !!

  2. It's funny, but I love a good ghost story...yet I'm terrified at going into things like Haunted Houses. My younger teenage siblings have been begging to go to a haunted penetentary in Philly and I'm too scared to go with them!


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