Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Haven: Bad Math: Doggie Miles

Daisy's pitiful look.

Yesterday I took little Daisy for a long walk on Sea Street and Water Street. We went on the piers and looked at boats. Well, I did. Daisy tried looking pitifully at me so that I would take her home.

I had been contemplating Text Savvy's latest challenge about tire sizes and odometer errors. And I suddenly realized that when I walk, Daisy seems to walk four times faster. So I wondered: are there such things as doggie miles? Like doggie years? I set out to prove that there are.

Last night we measured off five feet. It took me two steps to cover that. After a few dozen doggie treats and a lot of cajoling, Anna and I finally agreed that it took Daisy 16 steps (we counted all four feet that touched the ground, so her four feet each hit ground four times) to cover the five feet. Setting up the proportions was easy after all of that cajoling and dog step debating:


16896 Daisy steps ÷ 2112 meeyauw steps = 8 doggie miles.
1 meeyauw mile = 8 Daisy doggie miles

This doggie mile calculation has to be adjusted for different strides for different dogs. If you have a big dog (or a crazed beagle) these calculations are invalid.

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  1. haha, this is funny, although it makes perfect sense. However, I had an Australian Sheppard, and his feet seldom touched the ground, kind of like a crazed I guess I would have to subtract for him. Sadly he died long before he used up his doggie years, he was only six. I imagine his feet don't touch the ground in heaven either.......

    Miss you Louie.....sniff sniff

  2. Oh my goodness that is fantastic!
    I will have to measure Elise's steps and get back to you.

    P.S. I am also going to note this post in the next dogs on thursday is that is okay.

  3. ..Can I add crazed Shih Tzu into this mix? Mr. B does not walk he hurtles through space! My 10 year old Maltese, Lalita, gives me the same look that Daisy gave you. :-) When Lalita was younger she was a lot like Mr. B, all five pounds of her. lol

  4. Wow! Now I have even more respect for my little munchkins. This is great!


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