Monday, October 22, 2007

New Haven Wrap-Up

I'm home from New Haven, sick in bed with a bad cold that blew up while I was there. The drive home was uneventful and actually pleasant. But there are other updates to make:

The blog community responded so quickly to our request for the translation! What a fantastic community we are! My thanks to Jonathan, Moe, Gattina and especially to Captain Lifecruiser for finishing the translation. Anna is thrilled. You have all gone out of your way with this and we are gratified and amazed at the kindnesses. Please be sure to read the comments on the translation post to read what the letter from Brooklyn, June 4, 1900 says (it was Swedish).

Go Sox!
It's no fun being sick — but being in your own bed with your own cats and watching the Red Sox win and go to the Series makes it less miserable. GO SOX!
You can follow the Red Sox on Twitter. Click here!

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  1. GO SOX!!!! Looks like I will be having some all-nighters so that I can watch the games!

  2. I'll ignore the Sox stuff, but you do know that New Haven is my home town? Except we almost never went to City Point (there is a restaurant on the water...).

    I go back to visit family fairly regularly. But I am so glad to have escaped.


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