Monday, October 29, 2007

Unplug Your Kids: Pumpkin Painting Project (Or: Why I'm a Math Teacher)

Unplug Your Kids: Reflections on the Inaugural Unplugged Project

For those of you who don't know her, Mom Unplugged is a mother of three who has the greatest blog full of ideas for all ages of people (as I have learned). She initiated me in the National Federation of Wildlife Backyard Habitat program, which I have posted about frequently. She has great articles on research and other topics about which she reads. Now she is doing regular TV-free projects. Last week it was stamping, and this week it is pumpkin painting. I participated. Perhaps I shouldn't have. This is why I'm not an art teacher:


I will participate in upcoming projects as I am able. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of other kids' pumpkin paintings. Visit Mom Unplugged now!

[UPDATE: next week the project is haiku. HAIKU? What the ^&*! is that??]

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  1. It is NOT a monstrosity!!! I like your colors (very vibrant), the tongue, the dots...all very original!

    Thanks for joining us this week. I followed your request and next week's project is not so "arty" (at least it doesn't have to be). I didn't think that math would go over so well, but how about poetry?

    By the way, I know you probably have to get to work tomorrow morning, so if I don't see you in Mr. Linky when I get up, I will take the liberty of adding you myself!

  2. Sniff

    That is two red teeth, not a tongue.


  3. I think that your pumpkin looks great. Good Job!

  4. It is an art work !!! primitive art exists, lol ! I like it and I wished I could put it at my front door !

  5. Your blog is wonderful!


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