Saturday, October 06, 2007

We Have Color

View from Dog Mountain, St. Johnsbury

Our color looked like this a couple of days ago but I think it's gone. It's hard to tell because it is pouring rain and I am all fogged in. I took this photo in St. Johnsbury where it has been much warmer and is further south than me. I never got a good photograph of our color. So this will have to be my "fall foliage" shot for this year. And the shot's not too good because the sky was overcast all day. This photo looks great when you click on it.



  1. I think you're very lucky to be living in a place where nature puts up such a lovely show. We in the tropics don't even have fall / autumn as a season.

  2. Oh I miss the Fall colors of New England! Beautiful photo.

  3. Beautiful Photographs.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, you posted your comment just as I updated with todays story....check it out I am sure you will have a laugh!


  4. Wow! What gorgeous colours! Are trees are confused because we've been having such warm weather still.


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