Sunday, November 25, 2007

Buddy Met The Chickadees When We Hung The Feeders

Which video plays better? The YouTube one above or the Google one below? Thank you for your feedback.

Please look at the post below this if you can help me identify a new bird at the feeder. Thank you!


  1. To me, the YouTube is not as clear as the blogger video.
    Cute and looks cold to this Georgia girl!!

  2. They seemed very close. YouTube was in a slightly larger frame... but I don't think that made a difference.

  3. What a fun bird-watching, tree-climbing adventure Buddy had! I thought both videos were about the same. We have been experimenting with using the Blogger video more because we do not always want to post everything to YouTube first.

  4. Very cute!
    YouTube didn't stop intermittantly like Blogger did...

  5. I predict that you might have a few less chickadees by springtime! Beautiful slide show (I loved the music, it went so well with the images).

    I thought the Blogger video was perhaps a tiny bit less grainy than YouTube but both worked just fine for me without hesitation. YouTube has a larger frame so the captions were a bit easier to read. A toss up I think.


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