Monday, November 19, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Charlie In The Snow

We had our first snow last week.

The wind scoured the snow here to a cat-manageable depth.

But to get to the barn, the drifts were over a foot (30.5 cm) deep.

The cats make a trail through the deep snow and then carefully step in old tracks from then on.

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  1. Charlie is adorable! Great captures of him in the snow~beautiful!! Although I am not looking forward to snow! :D
    My first visit to your site, ~It's great, beautiful photo's,& I love the way you came up with the title!
    I will be visiting again!

  2. These pictures are fantastic. You could sell them to a newspaper or magazine. Gorgeous colours and Charlie's eyes really glow against the blue sky and white ground.

  3. Wow ! you had a lot of snow and Charlie seems to enjoy it ! Arthur is a problem in the snow, you don't see him or only a tail ! I am curious how little Rosie will react when she will see snow for the first time but here we don't have snow every year and when, it only comes around January February. Belgium is a flat country and at the sea.

  4. He looks like a might hunter in the deep woods.

  5. Wow, the first snow there. The pictures are wonderful. It looks really cold but it seems like Charly enjoyed his walk in the d e e p snow.
    Yes I must say it again, I love these snow pictures. Great !!!!
    Have a nice day !

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Charlie seems to be enjoying the snow. My cats like to catch snowflakes from behind the window, but we don't have a lot of snow.
    I'm talking about cats names in my COT today, want to share your name story?

  7. Wow, that's a lot of snow! We've had a couple of light dustings, but the snow hasn't stayed around for long, melting very quickly.

    Fabulous photos of Charlie on the snow! Just wonderful. :) (I hope you were able to rescue your breakfast from Buddy!)

  8. Charlie looks very handsome in the snow! He is brave to go out in the snow. It looks very cold.

  9. Charlie's photos out in the snow are awesome. You did a great job there. He really goes well with the lighting. I wonder if we will ever get snow again. In VA we have changed from huge snows to hardly any with the warming climate. I wouldn't mind a nice big one.

    I have one cat who hates the snow and is so funny to watch trying to walk on it. He will not use a liter box so he must go out and then he is mad the entire time because he is cold and wet.

  10. What gorgeous photographs, the lighting is lovely! Charlie is also a very photogenic subject.

    I wish our snow would arrive, we need it so badly. Just above average temperatures and dry, dry, dry.

  11. Marvelous photos! If only we could have a little snow here! It makes me think to christmas! Charlie walking in the snow is adorable!

  12. Those are great pictures of Charlie in the snow.
    I am surprised to see that cats like snow.

  13. Great shots. Glad we don't have snow like that yet.
    I'm trying to imagine what my two indoor cats would make of a foot of snow. Scared witless probably.

  14. Very cool pictures!

    BTW, I have tagged you for a meme. Please come to my blog for the rules. ;-D


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