Monday, November 12, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Wary Scout

See Buddy in the back of the chair? Scout never voluntarily sleeps with the cats. Amelia says that Scout fears them. Yet Sunday, when it was so cold and windy, Scout crawled into Buddy's chair for warmth. She is wary of him, because she fears Buddy's violence as much as Sophie does.

I am once again proudly hosting Cats on Tuesday while Gattina is in warm and sunny Egypt. Please enter your link below if you are participating. If you would like to view other participants, click on the links below. Cats on Tuesday will be back with Gattina next week. Be sure to enter your link there next week on November 20th.

Have a wonderful Cats on Tuesday!

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  1. I misspelled my name, darn it! Oh well, I think you know who I am. ;-)

    I take it Scout is being very brave in the above picture? I don't know how my cats would be around dogs. Probably fairly aggressive, as Buddy sounds like he is. Neat photo!

  2. I'm here. I came up from my nano writing to get Mike's advertures out. Just his first, more to follow.

    How nice of Buddy to let Scout sleep with him...hee, hee.

  3. Thank you for hosting CoT !

    I like your funny photo. It is not normal that cats and dogs sleep together, I know this from our dog.
    But it is really funny how carefully they do this because they fear each other.
    I had never her about dogs on thursday. Perhaps I watch it next time.You can see cat and dog together at patch-dogblog.
    Have a nice tuesday =´`.´`=

  4. I guess the need for warmth overcame her fear of Buddy!

  5. LOL Now here Scampi and Buddy sleep together all the time. Now Susie is a different story. NOt sure if Scampi is afraid or brave! LOL

  6. Oh those innocent looking eyes! Happy COT!

  7. Poor Scout, he must have been desperate!

    My cats don't mind my two cattle dogs, but when my husband comes and brings his Jack Russell, they all disappear. I think Jack is actually a bit intimidated by cats, but they don't know that. Happy COT!

  8. Dat iz a furry brave D-A-W-G. I tink it looks a itty-bitty unsure, howefur, of just what might happen if da cat seez dat da D-A-W-G iz takin' up more space den a cat would. Good luck on dat score!

    -Dr Tweety

  9. Our dog Lucy always slept with our cats but the cats were definitely boss! Or is that "top dog"??

  10. So is Scout a yellow lab? We have a Nina, she is a yellow lab with a pink nose not a brown one.She looks a bit a lot like scout.


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