Friday, November 23, 2007

Chickadee At The Feeder

I have set up the suet feeders on the only tree that I have outside any window. I am so excited because I am beginning to get my long desired winter bird photos. This will be a wonderful winter now. All photos will open large size in a new window when clicked.

I am pretty sure this is one individual chickadee. I didn't see any others.

Tomorrow I am running down to the village for more feeders and seeds to attract more and different birds.
Parus atricapillus

Those little toes must be cold as they dig into the snow. I absolutely know that I get many woodpeckers. I have seen them and you can see the evidence of them on the trunk of the tree that the feeders are in:

I just checked: a woodpecker is there! Have to run!

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  1. Your part of the world has such cool birds! Those are great shots.
    I put up a bird feeder, but don't think it's been visited yet. I don't expect to get any avian visitors more exotic than sparrows, but they ought to be enough to keep a cat in the window interested for a while.


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