Monday, November 12, 2007

Heads or Tails: A Road with Horses

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We had an inservice in Danville today. There were four horses on a farm on the same road as the school. During our lunch break, I took a walk to photograph them. You can see the other three horses on my Barton Daily Photo Blog.

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I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful week.

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  1. We don't see many horses up here. I don't know why. See lots of moose though. Horses are deadly afraid of moose maybe that is the reason.

  2. Vic is showing off about that moose thing. We WILL find one one day! :)

    I think horses are such beautiful animals. I used to ride when I was much younger. MUCH younger.

  3. beautiful!! My daughter LOVES horses. She asked for one for Christmas this year :)

  4. I have never ridden a horse before..looks like fun..

  5. I posted photos of critters (including horses) down the road too :-) On my other blog, I posted photos of scenery along the road.

    This is a very pretty horse and great photo. I love Painted Horses.

  6. Living in an area that use to be very rural I see cows everyday.

  7. You just reminded me how much I want to ride a horsie!!
    Happy Tuesday! :)

  8. We have quite a few horses around here. They're such beautiful animals.

  9. Lovely horse - one of my favourite subjects to photograph. Happy Tuesday!

  10. There a lot of roads around here that I could be walking on and get some great pictures.
    That is sure a pretty Paint or Pinto.

  11. Horses are magnificent animals. Thank you for sharing.

  12. A walk to photograph horses at lunch is a great break from work. They are beautiful. I saw my first wild horses on our trip down here, but at 65-70 mph, I didn't get a good look.


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