Saturday, November 17, 2007

LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time and Our First Holy Cat!

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time | Proper 28 | Pentecost +25
Isaiah 65:17-25 or Malachi 4:1-2a
Isaiah 12 or Psalm 98
2 Thessalonians 3:6-13
Luke 21:5-19

Here is HUNTER, a Most Holy Cat.
Hunter is praying to Ceiling Cat.
His disciples are the Family of Medelise of Yearn To Travel and Travel Plans.

Hunter is worthy because of his Holy Hugeness.
He is 25 lbs. (11.4 kg).

HALP! More Holy Cat photos are needed for this weekly post. If your cat is without sin, has a visible halo or any other mark of holiness or worthines, please send me her/his photo as soon as possible.

If you would like to help translate the LOLCat Bible, click here. This is the only section of today's readings that has been translated:

Malachai 4: 1-6
Teh Ceiling Cat Sum Zup
1 Teh ceiling cat sez "Glowbl Warm iz happen d00dz - Rly!"
2 "Not worriez - Am save u. Put u wiv der mooes."
3 "Stamp on teh bad kittehs pls."
4 "No forgot Moses? Dat storey iz klassik! Memba da ten r00lz"
5 "Elijah sez 'BRB!' He bak b4 Urf go BOOM!"
6 "Elijah start HART TRANSPLANT FRENZEE!! Or teh ceiling cat spank. Big tiem!"

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  1. "Stamp on teh bad kittehs pls."

    Ohhhh, Zed Monster is repenting daily, please no stamp on Kitteh... we sended our pic of proof!

    Purrs and Running to hide from Ceiling Cat

  2. Wow, Hunter is very big! I can tell he is holy. I send you a picture earlier, but I am not sure you got it. I will send it again today.

  3. I don't do LOL-Cat-Language well enough to do translations, but I have surely enjoyed the readings.

    Hunter is very, very fluffy. And incredibly sweet looking!


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