Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Second Bug Pictures

So there was a poor cluster fly hanging and twirling and struggling on a thread of a spider web from the kitchen ceiling Friday night. I immediately got the camera and shot over 20 photos until I got some that worked (above).

Sports setting works; you need the flash. But the macro that my old camera had? Where is it? I used 10x zoom here. (Update: I found the macro settings that night: see the shrew photo on the next page). I like the glistening of the fly here and the eyes again. The eyes are geometric, as is the “nose”.

I tried the red-eye affect on Mouse: no difference in the photos but I put my favorite one here just because it is a pretty picture. Mouse certainly looks fat here, and she feels fat. She is accepting the brush more often now and at times I feel she is seeking it out for relief from the mats that she always gets.

I saw Flight of the Phoenix tonight while the cats fought and went outside and back inside incessantly. Long boring beginning and very predictable (especially if you had seen the Jimmy Stewart version which I barely remember). I don’t like computer graphics; they imply a lack of creativity of the writers and directors. After that movie, I missed Holiday Inn, which I love. I settled on watching the end of Titanic in bed while I cried because of the sorrow and death of the old lady.

The kitchen is a mess, all the floors are dirty and litter needs to be done tomorrow. Busy day ahead.


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