Friday, November 09, 2007

PIleated Woodpecker

I caught this photo of a pileated woodpecker today. I think this is a female. For a better view of the photo, click on the photo, or go to my photography blog here. This was taken through my windshield. She was darting from tree to tree and was moving further from me by the minute so I just snapped the shot. A couple of years ago, a pileated woodpecker nearly crashed into my windshield as I was driving on Highbridge Hill, scaring me to death. Last summer I saw one fly overhead in Rutland. For some reason, they remind me of prehistoric birds when they are in flight.

No hike (again) this weekend: deer season begins in the morning. I never did get those orange kevlar vests for my herd of deer.


  1. How cool! I've never seen a woodpecker before! Thanks for sharin'! :)

  2. I heard one once, ages ago on a hike somewhere in south central Connecticut (I remember the switchback through the trees as we got close to the road, I remember the 18th century graveyard to the left of the trailhead, and I remember thinking, this is almost exactly what Woody sounds like.

    But I've never seen one before. Lucky you! and what a nice photo.

  3. What a beautiful bird! He's a lot prettier than the woodpecker I have hanging around here and trying to make holes in my house's wood siding. ;-) Nice photo, Andree -- you have every right to be proud!


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