Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thank You For Your Patience

I am especially tired tonight (Tuesday night) after teaching all day and then teaching again at the college. Tomorrow I will continue visiting everybody who visits, and everybody I usually visit. I have to get a new windshield tomorrow, so it's going to be another long day. I look forward to coming home and relaxing while visiting all of you. Thank you for understanding. If only they would allow us to blog at school!  :0(


  1. Andree!
    I'm like you, at this moment you know! Just a short time to blog!
    I wish you quiet time now!

  2. Andree',

    Da momee knowz what short on time iz like. She sneaks her blog...but sometimez knowz she can't.

    -Dr Tweety

  3. Hi Andree!

    Hope you will be able to get some rest. And to make you feel better (I hope), I have something for you here:


  4. Hey Andree, I know the feeling. Don't bust yourself visiting, you have a rest.

    Love the photos of the animals, especially the painted pony, very cute.

    Take care.

  5. Time is short, and I have to sneak my comment time in at work once in awhile. Shhhh...you didn't hear that here! How is the Marble state doing?

  6. Wishing you peace and solitude.

  7. Andree- I hope things have slowed down a bit for you and that you got your windshield taken care of. When you've got your steam back, stop on over- you are part of my blog post today!

  8. Hey.... It is getting late on this Thursday evening. I've gotten a fair amount of writing done today, but I'm pretty wiped out, so your post really resonated with me.

    Hang in there. I'll see you soon enough online.

  9. I don't think people realize how much time actually goes into keeping a Blog and sometimes life just doesn't permit it! Hope you are well relaxed now. I love the pony photo below.

    Happy Weekend.

  10. I hope you have a chance to rest and unwind this weekend. Don't bother rushing over to Unplug Your Kids. I have been feeling negative and uninspired for the last few days, so you aren't missing anything!

  11. I was touched by your spider story.

  12. Sometimes it's tough to write a blog entry and then keep up on blog reading. It's too bad you couldn't blog every now and then from school when the blogging mood hits.

    I love your painted pony photograph. It's adorable.


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