Friday, December 21, 2007

Binary Card Tricks, Part 2

I promised to continue the Merry Binary Christmas post when MacBook was home, and it is, so here are two more important links to that project:

Illuminations: Birthdays and the Binary System
"This lesson is a collection of three activities, all of which revolve around patterns and place value in the binary system. Grades 5‑8 students are drawn into the mathematics by the "magical" ability to guess an unknown number and by the use of birthdays, something they find very relevant. This lesson plan is adapted from the September 1997 edition of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School."

Mudd Math Fun Facts:Binary Card Trick: "You put a deck of cards in your pocket, and invite anyone in the audience to call out a number between 1 and 15. Then you reach into your pocket, you take out a set of cards whose sum is the number that was called!"

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  1. They sound like good party tricks, Andree. I'm hopeless with numbers...words are my forte. Still, we can't all be the same. My granddaughter loves math and would be most interested.

    I haven't forgotten about the white Christmas, either. One day, I'll let you

    Take care

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