Monday, December 10, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Buddy In Winter

I bought two thirty pound bags of bird seed and several pounds of thistle. I put the bags in my attached garage. The mice moved in the next day. I toss Buddy out in the garage every day to catch the mice. Buddy immediately turns and runs back into the kitchen to his warm bed next to my computer. He sleeps until the next feeding call from his stomach. My wonderful worthless Buddy.
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  1. Buddy's expression is very sweet~!
    I can tell he is very comfy next to you. Not only the bed, also staying with you :)

  2. Worthless what does that mean ? You should be lucky that Buddy allows you to be his owner ! why should he run behind mice when it is more easy to eat out of a bowl ? And then who says that he doesn't love mice ?? Kim for example would run away and the mouse behind !
    He looks so comfy in his basket !

  3. What a wonderful photo. He looks adorable.
    I think if a cat is not hungry he must not catch mice, or not ? ;)
    Our cats also love it to nap in the house and not to catch mice outside.
    In this time they need it comfortable...
    Have a nice "mice free" day!

  4. Buddy looks so comfy and cozy in his cat bed. :) I've never even since a real, live mouse, so I have no idea what I'd do with one!

  5. If you take one look at that sweet face, you can't blame Buddy for preferring his warm bed! ;-)
    I have pictures of Maia and Freyja with the holiday decorations in the tree...

  6. That bed looks very comfy! It is no wonder Buddy loves it so much.

  7. I hope my comments will work...I am having such a hard time figuring this new Blogger system out since I am Typepad!

    Your story is so funny! I can relate to that one...if I have a mouse come into the house I get so aggrevated with that bunch. Great picture too! And I love your woodpecker below. I have a pair of Downys that I just adore.

    Deana at Friday Night Fish Fry

  8. Stasia views mice as kind of toys-you-don't-have-to-wind. Same with spiders. She really resented it when I killed her pet wolf spiders. She recommends rubbermaid bins for the birdseed.

  9. He's no fool, that bed looks way more comfy than a cold garage even if it is full of mice!

  10. This story makes me laugh---ah, the life of a well-fed cat! Happy COT!

  11. He iz not worth-less...I would say dat da BUddy iz helpin' out more den you might tink. He iz sleepin' soundlee & many of us can say da same ting? Hmm, Mebbe I should come oevfur & be worthless too?

  12. If you weren't so far away, you could invite Au round. He caught yet another mouse yesterday. I've told him to go slow as we're running out :-) But Buddy looks so comfy all curled up, I can see why he's determined to stay in bed.

  13. Hé!Hé! Working to catch mouses is to hard and Budy prefers his comfy place!

  14. Looks really nice and comfy.
    Makes us want to curl up like that, too (but we'll have to wait for the weekend).


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