Monday, December 03, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Love

My beautiful Mousie Cat and the Crazy Sophie Dog are in love. This isn't just about kisses. This is about nuzzling, purrs, murmurs, sleeping together, and mutual grooming. Mousie's fur is a mess here because of the grooming that Sophie gave her. Mousie doesn't even mind. Sophie (as you can see) has never been happier. Here they are sunning and napping together in front of my bird feeder window on top of Scout's large kennel. Sophie doesn't really fit in the cat bed that she is sort of in and in which Mousie was sleeping when Sophie joined her.

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  1. Oh, that is so sweet! :) It is wonderful that Sophie and Mousie are such good friends. :) That is a wonderful photo of the two of them together. :)

  2. What sweet romance! That is one of the most adorable shots I've seen. Great capture!

  3. What a cute picture ! and people say : "they are like cats and dogs" ! I think we should take this picture as an example it proves exactly the opposite. When we had our dog our cat Mitzi always used to sleep between her paws ! and now Arthur is friend with our huge neighbor dog and they sleep side by side just separated by the fence.

  4. A lovely romance! How cute they are together! So now we know dogs and cats can be the friends! Generalities aren't always right!

  5. This is the most fabulous photo--just love the LOVE that is revealed! Happy COT!

  6. What a lovely photo! That is so funny about their love affair!

    My dog Belle and my first orange and white cat Nutmeg have always had a "thing." Belle rolls Nutmeg around with her paw and chews on her fur, and Nutmeg loves it. I have always said that Nutmeg is Belle's live squeaky toy.

    Now Belle and my new orange and white kitten Pita have started doing the same thing. I guess it is all about the orange and white kitties in our household!

  7. So cute, they look like they have fun together!


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