Saturday, December 01, 2007

Photo Hunters: Red

Downy woodpecker with the distinctive red stripe on its head.

Other birds today:

White-breasted Nuthatch. They climb down trees head first.

Black-capped Chickadees

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  1. I'm not sure what type of wood peckers we have here.

  2. Beautiful birds. I tried to take photos of some birds the other day and man were they hard to photograph.

    I also started 3 contests today. One is for my geotagging device the PhotoTrackr, you might be interested in that. Details are at my blog.

  3. I am enjoying the photographs of your birds so much and the downy woodpecker was perfect for the red theme. It was also fun for me to see the ones of the chickadee and nuthatch. Great set of shots.

  4. I sure love your bird pictures. You're a great photographer.

    I'm finally done with that nano novel. Everything that could go wrong went wrong...but I did get my husband back from the hospital today. He's had a rude awakening!
    His kidneys have failed and he's headed for dialysis. Uck!

    Just wanted to let you know Gretchen and I are still alive. We'll try to do more blogging this coming week.

  5. They are lovely birds. I admire your passion for birds and nature. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful shots! I think we have a few varieties of woodpecker in my neck of the woods, I see them fairly often.

  7. What beautiful pics of the birds!
    I do like birdwatching and I just got a fairly powerful set of binoculars which would make it a lot more fun!
    Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunt entry.

  8. your photos are beautiful! i really have to practise more. :)

    thanks for the visit.

    happy holidays!!! :)

  9. You do like birds, don't you? These are lovely photos as usual. We don't have any red birds here at all. Well that I know of.
    Thanks for the visit and have a good week Andrée.

  10. The birdies are beautiful, and your magic number cards amazing.
    How do you do it?
    Thanks for stopping in.
    Take care,

  11. Lovely bird photos!
    Thanks for stopping by. And yes, the red leaves in my photos are Japanese maple (momiji in Japanese).

  12. Oh, my! Birds are some of my favorite animals on Earth... I LOVE your photos this week, especially the downy woodpecker!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving me some love for my photo!

  13. These are amazing photos. sara from farmingfriends

  14. Beautiful shots. And the canyon you have asked about is in Utah, somewhere near the Zion canyon.

    Have a great week!

  15. Sorry I'm late Andree. What beautiful photos.

  16. Wonderful photo's, how lovely to have the opportunity to take such pictures :)

  17. Your birds pics are amazing! (Though you're lucky that at least the woodpecker has a dot of red!!!)

    Have a good week (I'm too late to wish a happy weekend...)! :)

  18. Your photos are amazing! Enjoyed them all, SO much.


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