Monday, December 17, 2007

Red Squirrel Photos

I finally got some shots to post without photo software.
But I won't be able to do Cats on Tuesday or Heads or Tails tomorrow.
Wordless Wednesday will depend on whether I can get another shot in the next 36 hours.

This red squirrel is female. 
Believe me, with my 10x zoom, I could tell.

The wind was so strong that it kept blowing her tail over her head.

These photos should be seen large. 
Click the photo and it will open in a new window.

The white trim of red squirrel eyes is very appealing to me.

See how she is warming her feet against her body?

She warms her feet whenever she stops moving.

See the woodpecker holes?

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  1. Great shots! She is so beautiful! I see what you mean about those eyes with the white out line so amazing!

  2. those aren't photoshopped?
    wow that's perfect!

    you should enter a photo contest because i'm sure you would win with one of those shots!

  3. What a beautiful little creature...I see what you mean by the eyes, they're beautiful. And woodpecker holes...we don't have woodpeckers here so that's new for me and quite fascinating.

    Lovely photos, Andree, you really are a talented photographer.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays.

  4. Wonderful Squirrel Photos. Thats great.It is so nice to observe those small animals in the nature.

  5. That little red squirrel is adorable! You take fantastic photos.

  6. Thank you for the pictures. I have not seen a red squirrel in many years. When the gray squirrels moved in, they moved out. I do miss them.

  7. Your photos of the squirrels are great. I love the white trim around their eyes, too. They look like they are very tiny squirrels.
    Perfect pictures.

    I was looking backwards a bit. I love the fractal art, too.

    I finally got my family situated again and things are semi returning to normal. I started catching up on Mike's adventures for COT, and myself.

  8. How wonderful! I love red squirrels. We have some here in Scotland, but the grey is taking over...

  9. You get the most amazing pictures! This little squirrel is a stunner.

  10. What camera do you have? I am in the market for a new digital camera because I want to be able to take photos of my bird feeders and have the birds appear as more than dots! I was considering some sort of digital SLR with telephoto lens but I am a bit intimidated by it. Any advice would be welcome!

    Love the photos!

  11. We live at the edge of a wooded area in a condo with a deck. We have a large variety of birds, gray squirrels, a black squirrel, and we now have four little red squirrels visiting every day. There initially were two, then we didn't see them over the summer, now there are four. They feed alongside the grays and the birds but periodically will chase each other for feeding positions. They are very tiny and extremely fast.
    Marlene Voight
    Altoona, WI


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