Thursday, December 06, 2007

Red Squirrel

Amy has prevented the squirrel from getting into the feeders, so now he eats everything the birds drop on the ground. On Sunday I am going to write a long nature post on this squirrel and his shenanigans for the Unplugged Project. For those of you who know the behaviors of red squirrels, the post is probably old news. But I learned amazing things about this guy today. It's a shame he didn't stand on his hind legs in the sunshine for my photo. A better lit photo is here.


  1. We only have red squirrels here and I had never seen others until I was in London in my son's home. There the squirrels were much bigger and all grey like the once I have seen in the States when I stayed with my aunt. Our squirrels behave just like all squirrels but they are very much appreciated from everybody because they are so rare. When you see one in your garden then you will jump to the ceiling of joy and run to find something to eat for the little guy. They are also protected. In Germany too the squirrels are red, but in northern Italy you find black once !
    BTW have a look on Rosie's scarf, it is not even a scarf it looks like a belly button ! No stitches !

  2. Guess what? Now I am a REAL holiday angel! Come see, OK?

  3. You have some great nature pictures here. I'm envious!
    Thanks for your visit and comments

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  4. omg! that squirrel is sooo CUTE!

  5. I like both squirrel pictures very much. You have done a great job of capturing them. The ones I have here run away before I can get my camera! LOL!


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