Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Red Squirrels In Snow Squall

They are able to pin their ears down for warmth.

I swear that I saw this guy shivering.
He was keeping his paws warm in his fur in the bitter wind.

They often eat with their eyes closed.

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  1. I wish I could pin my ears back to stay warm, too! That's a good idea.

  2. Aww the squirrel is adorable. :-) I think it is cute when they eat with their eyes closed. :-)

    Vegan Momma

  3. Poor squirrels. Glad they found a little something to try and eat.

    I remember northeast winter storms all too well...

  4. Beautiful photos! :) I am glad that the squirrels had something to eat!

  5. Oh my goodness....those are amazing photos! Where have you been! You haven't been to my blog nor I to yours in forever. I've been website building and my blog hopping nearly stopped for a while....glad to see you....and again....amazing photos!

  6. Perfect photos for a snowy Christmas Day. Looks like you are taking wonderful care of your local population, and suet is a good way for these guys to get the necessary body fat for insulation. You're doing a great job with your locals! :-)



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