Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unplugged Project: Knots And A Cipher Update

Sorry, Mom Unplugged. No string theory today.

I got you-know-who The Dangerous Book for Boysfor Christmas. And
then I got a copy for myself because of the cipher wheel instructions on page sixty-seven. The cipher wheel activity blends perfectly with my Unplugged Project on ciphers. Identical, free instructions can be found here at Scholastic Kid's Spy Academy. (There are great online activities here, at Scholastic, for home and school.)

The connection to this week's Unplugged Project is the section "Five Knots Every Boy Should Know." The Dangerous Book has a web site with a special section for teachers with some free activities to use at recess or at a Parent/Son Night. And one of the activities is this knots section from the book.

Beware of this pdf activity file, though. I have had to use my school PC while my Macintosh is in the shop. And the pdf file for the knots activity crashed this PC twice. Finally, I right-clicked on the link, downloaded the file and opened it locally. It then worked. Be sure to click all of the stickie notes on the book graphic. You can print out certificates, download a section of the book and even print out badges after completion of parts of the book. There are also other valuable links.

I am still planning a math club that will engage kids, especially boys, and I think I will use this Dangerous book. It is stuffed with mathematics activities.
Please note that I am blogging on a PC, which I find inordinately difficult. All of the formatting is differently than on a Mac. I also cannot work with my photos because of my lack of PC software. Therefore, my few posts this week are using graphics linked to their source.

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  1. When my boys are a little older, I'll be getting that Dangerous Book! I need to learn how to tie knots, too, the boys keep breaking free when I tie them up in the closet! LOL! :)

  2. Knots? ...and I was really looking forward to string theory!! (I did check your link though. I have "The Elegant Universe" on DVD, fascinating!)

    We also have the "Dangerous Book for Boys," and I just bought "The Daring Book for Girls" too. I think "you know who" will enjoy it. That is interesting that you plan on using it for your math club.

    Do you have a school snow day today? I heard on NPR that the Northeast is getting a huge storm. Stay in and snuggle up with your kitties!

  3. Very cool! I have thought of getting those books too..not that I have any boys, unless you count the almost 42 year old Dad of 1 girl and 2 cats.LOL

  4. I keep hearing so much about this book. I might have to check it out for my boys. Thanks for the links though they are great.

  5. Thanks I'll go check them out.


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