Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anime Movie Night Review: Metropolis

Mad World by Gary Jules is the song accompanying scenes from last night's anime movie at the Barton Public Library Anime Movie Night (the 2nd Friday of each month at 7 PM). The song captures the dark, apocalyptic mood of the movie. Metropolis is a powerful and sad movie that can actually make you cry. Two young children (one human and one robot) try to prevent an evil adult from taking over the world — and sacrifice much of themselves. The animation is wonderful and the music is powerful. I don't like the idea of children watching this because of the language and violence. But teenagers will enjoy it. Anime is growing on me. The stories are all very engaging and not soon forgotten. The music used in the movies, I have found, is big on YouTube.

I made the brownies for the movie by hand, from The Fannie Farmer Cookbook Eleventh Edition (the best edition). It's an easy one-pot recipe that is rich. I baked it too long, but nobody cared or noticed. After giving Jim and Kevin their four-brownie-thank-you, there were none left for me to take home. I'm glad Amy and I had one before I took them to the library. The recipe and photos are on my recipe blog.

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