Monday, January 21, 2008

Cats Tuesday: We Have Temptations

I finally bought Temptations for them today.
Buddy was a bit slow and kept biting my fingers instead of the Temptations.

The dogs thought Temptations were for dogs.
What a pain they were!

Possum ate them so fast I never got a photo of them on the counter.

Buddy, as always, was very persistent in order to get as many as possible.

He figures if he looks pretty, he'll get more.

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  1. Your pictures made me laugh ! I just got up and have my coffee so to start the day with a laughter does good !
    Cats are apparently the same all over the world, besides the dog the scene could be with my cats too !

  2. I just realized that you have 7 cats and a dog in the house? Cool! You are such an animal lover :) Just like Gattina, I had a good laugh at Buddy.. LOL.

    If I pose too can I have some Temptations? Haha :P I can't seem to find the brand here in Malaysia after seeing it in a few blogs. I hope I can let my kitties try them out soon.

    So far they have tried Friskies's Oceanfish, Chicken & Vegetables, Gourmet, Mackeral & Seafood, Tuna Fish & Sardine and Salmon & Chicken. I think I spoiled them :P

  3. Oh your kitties are such beauties!
    I love the pose too!
    Our cats loooove the temptations, and will do whatever it takes to get some, even bite my hand too!

  4. So cute! They really loe their treats! My kitty practically climbs my leg when I get cooked meat out of the fridge, she loves it.

  5. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Every day is better with Temptations in the tummy!

  6. I love the way the pictures tell your little story! My kitties just will not do Temptations. Even the older cat that seems to eat anything won't eat them. I have the most finicky cats, I swear.

  7. Terrific photos of Buddy and Possum eating Temptations! Temptations are very yummy, but we like other treats just as much. Plus, we don't get Temptations often, since they aren't that healthy and since we can't buy them in Germany.

  8. Our cats LOVE those things! They must be kinda like potato chips are for us! They always want more!

  9. Love his glamour shot. Buddy could be a calendar cat!

  10. That is so cute. It seams they love that Temptation. We don´t know that in Germany.Here we can´t buy that treat.
    Good idea, perhaps I show next week our German Treats. It is interesting what cats love in other countries.

  11. Temptations is one of Anela's favorite treats too. They sell out so fast that when I find them I buy lots of packages for her. Happy COT!

  12. My Buddy goes crazy for them too. He likes Greenies better

  13. Your cats are so cute, Andree, and you got a great series of photos of them in relation to the Temptations. BTW, I don't think I've seen those here -- I'll have to look. What flavors do they come in? And do you buy them in the general supermarket? I'm not sure I want to give my cats another food to crave, especially if there is any possibility that they will turn up their noses at what they're presently getting as a result. LOL!


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