Monday, January 28, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Winter Cats (and Dogs)

Buddy wakes up for about an hour or so a day to play with his scrunchy ball.

Scout does not like to sleep with any cat.

Charlie sleeps more than Buddy does.

Sophie (dog) and Mouse (cat) are still in love.

By the way, Sophie caught and killed a mouse on her daily walk in the woods today. The mouse died quickly and humanely, unlike when a cat catches a mouse.

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  1. Wow ! Buddy too interrupted his sleeping marathon to get some exercise, lol ! I wonder if there is a tse tse fly arround in the whole world, all cat owners are complaining about the always sleeping cats ! And dogs are not better, my neigbor dog doesn't want to go out either and sleeps the whole day with some business interruptions.

  2. The winter sleeping marathon continues here also, except for a few hours of food, play, doing the business in the sand box and more food, my cats will sleep the whole winter away.

    Your pets are really beautiful!
    I just love the clarity your photos!

  3. HAHAHAH~!! I am crazy laughing at the second photo~! Perfect SHOT!!!
    I love it so so much~!
    And the last photo is interesting as well~!

    My cat is also sleeping, winter really makes everything sleep!

  4. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.... Gosh..I've just counted the quantity of the free "plastic ball with bell" and it turned out I had so many.

    The Friskies company never fail to attached one free gift each time I bought a pack of cat food. Do they give free gift with cat food over there?

    By the way, your cats are real fluffy and big. They should be happy under your tender loving care :)

  5. It looks like you are enjoying your naps! We are getting lots of exercise. :) Merlin, being a typical kitten, is go-go-go between naps, and since we are both Sphynx, we are very active and athletic. :)


  6. Sleeping is one of the very best parts of the days! I am very impressed with Sophie. I did not know doggies could catch a mousie. I always thought the mousie liked you to play with it for a little while first... Maybe not.

  7. I love the picture of Mouse and Sophie, just gorgeous!

  8. I don't know why but that photo of Buddy's little hind end under that chair with his little leg out just cracks me up. What a cute shot. And I can just see a cat doing that! Great post and great photos, thanks for a happy morning start!

  9. Beautiful shots of your friends! Scout's my kinda guy!

  10. Very interesting your dog kills mice right away.
    Our Cats do (Manx breed) catch and kill mice in seconds. All neighbours to our summerhouse to love them for doing thia kind of hunting. But, normal domestic Cats normally only "play" with the mice....

    Great post and photos

  11. Why do cats sleep so much? I'd really like to understand this! Happy COT!

  12. I love that Sophie & Mouse are in LOVE!!! So cute!

    I have found that the older the kitty, the more sleep they need.

    D :)

  13. We love to nap too all the day!
    Our dog love to sleep too. I can go out before 9.00 am for a walk with him.
    Your pictures are beautiful !
    Interesting to read that Sophie caught a mouse. I never try it with our dog. He has no chance because the cats are always faster.

  14. I adore the second and the last photos. It's very nice to see the two really like the best friends in the full world!

  15. I love the back view of Buddy, funny picture! They do look like a sleepy group. Charlie has such pretty markings. I don't think I've ever seen him that close-up before.

    By the way, a murphy bed is a bed that folds up into the wall or a cupboard. It has a real mattress so it is just as comfortable as a "real" bed (unlike a sofabed).

  16. Hee! We love that picture of Buddy creeping along.


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