Sunday, January 20, 2008

Favorite Weekend Feeder Photos

Some photos are good; some are not. But these are my favorites from this weekend. I love the color, light and textures in the photo above. And the snowy face.

The pattern and motion in this photo make it a favorite.

If you view the full-size photo, you will see a crystal of ice in the woodpecker's beak.

Poor framing gave me, I think, a lot of interest here.

Chubby cheeks on Popeye, above, because he is hoarding; while the little squirrel digs for food.

They got the suet feeder off the tree. But only Popeye has the privelege of raiding it.

Ducking down into the snow tunnel.
Good timing.

The sweet little girl squirrel who seldom drops by for a visit.

Popeye is hoarding here. I wonder where he is stashing those cheek-fuls?

No comment needed.

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  1. What a joy for me this morning with my first cup of coffee to see your adorable pictures ! How could you take such clear pictures of these cute little squirrels ? It looks like if you just sat besides them. They have the same color then the once we have here unfortunately not very much, I never had one in my garden.

  2. Your squirrels are much more colorful and fluffier than our old grey squirrels. Great photographs...I so agree about the first one and the lighting. Perfect. I see we enjoy many of the same things in life!

  3. the squirrel in the first picture look so cold! somebody knit him a sweater or something please!
    : )

  4. My mom and I LOVE these pictures! We feed the birds and of course the squirrels here at my house too.

  5. Oh your squirrels are just the cutest I have seen!
    What sweet faces they have.
    I love the squirrels!

    I was fascinated by the information on the hoarfrost also in the other post.
    Now I want to go down to our river and look for some!


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