Tuesday, January 08, 2008

January Thaw In The Woods

I have three brooks on my property behind the house and up the hills in the woods. I had to overexpose this photo in order for you to see the clear cold water in this brook. You can hear the beautiful melody of rushing water everywhere. I was in snow up to my waist (in my school clothes: I couldn't wait to change and get out there) and came into the house soaking wet. I could not get to the glacial boulders or caves to show you the brook there as it tumbles downhill over glacial erratics. But everywhere there were snowshoe hare, rabbit and red squirrel tracks. No deer or moose trails, which was a disappointment. This will be the last time I will be able to go out there until the spring (unless I buy snowshoes). The snow will only get deeper. See more at my photo blog. And please click on this photo to view it full size. This is part of the area where Buddy and I played last spring. Amy had tossed Buddy and Charlie outside today and Buddy tried to follow me up the hill. I saw, by his tracks, that he was stepping in my tracks. Kitties don't like snow that is too deep, so he turned around halfway to the base of the hill and waited for me in the garage.

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  1. Andree,
    I can't believe you live in the northeast kingdom and you do not onw a pair of snowshoes. we had a great weekend in Vermont this past. i hate to think of all that snow melting. Sorry I have been away so long. I miss your pictures


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