Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mourning Dove: My First Bird of the New Year

"The common wild dove." (Peterson) This dove showed up at the bird tree on New Years Day during the snow storm. It was feeding on the ground but saw me in the window. In the photo below, it is far from the house at the tree line. The photo is poor. But above is the photo when it returned to the bird tree outside my window. It sat there without moving for such a long time that I feared it would freeze in the wind. It never became accustomed to seeing me at the window. Now that I am at work again, I don't know if it has come back.

To me, these doves are city birds because I am so used to seeing them in the cities of Connecticut. I am learning more about them so that I can appreciate them more. One source of information and excellent photos of birds is this blog: Brookville, Ohio Daily Photo: Storm Coming, where you will find a wonderful photo of a mourning dove. See Abe's other dove photos and information at:

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  1. We have doves that sit out in the cold by our bird feeder. It is a wonder that they don't freeze to death!

  2. HI Andree,
    I was tagged!
    Take a look and continue the game!

    Read the rules on my friend Anna's site:


  3. Oh dis iz a wunneful bird. It portendz of peas & love.

    Mebbe your NY date will turn out to be second date? If so, den it was worth missin' my partee for!!!

    Dr Tweety

  4. Hello Andree,

    You have some amazing photographs here, and can only imagine the beauty of the ones to come.

    I love photography and am just starting with my first good camera. Most definetly, I'll have to come back here to get some great inspiration!!!

    Hope all is well where you are.

  5. I enjoy the sounds that doves make so soothing.
    Your weather looks like our does in Idaho. I looked at your last post. Recently all of our mountains been cloud it in.

  6. Happy New Year MeeYauw Andree... *hugs*

    I come here to see your photohunt entry as well.. :-) Miss you

  7. I wish we had more birds around here. We have no grown trees and too many cats...your pictures are beautiful.

  8. Those are beautiful shots of the doves. I get quite a lot of them too and tend to think of them as city birds. I'm in the suburbs, far south of you in NC. However, when we get snow, the doves will come in flocks for food that I put out.

  9. How nice that your first bird of the year was a "peaceful" one. Mine was a blue jay.


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