Friday, January 18, 2008

Photo Hunters: Important: Life



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  1. What a dynamic duo.
    Possum looks like he's got everything under control.
    And the expression on Sophie is well I'm just melting here.
    Thanks for dropping by my SPH.

  2. Considering pets are our best friends, of course they're important!!! :)

    The cat looks sooo dreamy :)

  3. They do have great importance in our lives and bring us such joy. Have a great weekend Andrée.

  4. Those photos are beautiful, Andree. Pets are important to us and I can't understand people who don't like animals.

    I work with a lady, who doesn't like animals and just cannot understand those of us who go on about our various pets. Yet she has had dogs and when I asked if her she was upset when her dog died, she said she wasn't really. She was just pleased she doesn't have to worry about buying dog food any more. Strange.

  5. Great shots of Possum and Sophie. Life is important and I like your choices for the theme. Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

  6. You have nice looking pets. To me they look like you disturbed them to get a photo.

  7. Life is... being able to relax...
    Thanks for the visit!

  8. You did pick the most important thing of all! Possum and Sophie sure are cuties.

  9. No doubt about it, our pets are important to us. Cute pictures!

  10. Our pets are certainly important! Very sweet photos, Andree. Blessings on your weekend with all that is important.

  11. adorable pictures, yep my Dog is important...ummm my cat...(want another one) Just kidding, my kitty has a mind of his own =))

  12. I love your menagerie of companions... reminds me of ours. And, yes, I can say they are incredibly important!

    My Important photo is up this week. Come visit~

  13. That is one fat cat you have there. Cute too :)

    Mine are up…
    Criz’s Sanctuary:
    Insight Criz:
    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Aren't they so adorable. They look so comfortable.
    Thanks for the visit.

  15. possum looks like a kitty at our local animal thrift store. Great photo my pets are important part of my life and so is my family.

  16. Love your pets! I have two dogs, one is called Max and the other is Lily. Like you, they are important to me, too.

  17. Your pets look so sweet! Yes, they are important.

    Have a great weekend :)

    My PH entries:

  18. My cats are also very important in my life. I couldn't live without cats !

    I also wanted to tell you that today I have a very special little video on my blog. It is absolutely hilarious and shows the demolition of several houses in Brussels. It happened last week. They did it so good, that the neighbor found himself with a toilet without wall.
    I found it on a Belgian blog.
    (on Writer Cramps)

  19. You haven't stopped Photo Hunting, have you? Our paths seemed to stop crossing somehow. Missed seeing you around!


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