Sunday, January 27, 2008

Photo of the Week: St. Louis Daily Photo Blog: Art Walks On Eight Legs

St. Louis Daily Photo Blog: Art Walks On Eight Legs

For that digital photography class that I am auditing, I have to look at photos and discuss one: why I like it, inspiration, etc. This is one that I will be using. The only problem? Nobody I know has a color printer and if they did, would the color be reproduced accurately? Anyhow, I'm going to use it. There are many points in it for me to discuss: the lighting, the people in the foreground, the sculpture, St. Paul's Cathedral, how the sculpture pops out. How I want to learn Photoshop and take better photos.

Go take a look.



  1. That looks like the big spider Scotty had yesterday...

    The white bird you're fascinated with is the sulphur crested cockatoo. Fred has a pet one and if she's not watched can be pretty destructive. She killed my pretty snail vine by persisting with eating it. They have the most discordant screech but if brought up from a nestling can be taught to speak. Hooks (that's Fred's bird) sings out hello, nags the dogs, as well as barks, and joins in any conversation you may be having with someone else. However, she doesn't screech because she doesn't realise she's a cockatoo, for which we are supremely grateful. It's deafening enough with a flock of wild ones without her joining in.

    Glad you like the show though. "Oz" is just a shortened name for Australia, as used by the locals, hence my email name Ozkatt.

  2. What a lovely blog spot you have here it has been so interesting visiting you today. I am across from Puss-in-boots and am so pleased I did.

    We have many sulphur crested cockatoos, visiting us these past months and they come in every night and sleep in our huge gum tree taking a long time to settle down after much chatter and screeching only to be off early to who knows were for the day.

    best wishes to you from another Aussie. Lee-ann

  3. I'd need 8 legs myself to get away from it fast enough!

  4. To take a shot at answering your question Will the color reproduce accurately? Depends a bit on how you define "accurate". You should be able to see the image, and the print image likely will look a lot like what you see on the screen.

    But the hard copy won't look exactly like the screen, and they could look a dramatically different, depending on settings. The typical screen has higher resolution and larger color range (gamut) than the typical printer. The printer will have to use dithering to try to match colors other than the primary ink colors.

    If you search a bit, you can likely find more information than you want about matching pictures on different output mediums. Look for info about the monitor and printer you have, the manufacturers likely have specialized info posted on their sites.

    Hope this helps a little.


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