Sunday, January 13, 2008

Squirrel Alarm

Buddy was outside this morning, stalking the squirrel at the bird tree. (We will be getting more snow this week to replace the loss from January thaw.)

Red squirrel watches and is wary.
I can see his tongue in this photo (click it!).

Squirrel begins the alarm.

I diluted the blue in these photos in order to show his red fur.

Below is a video of the sounds he made. It is very wobbly. You can hear me breathing loud at one point. I tend to hold my breath when I use the camera. Then I end up gasping for air. If I had kept the camera running one more minute, I would've caught him jumping out of the top of the tree to run away. You can hear the sound of the rushing water from the flume. My brooks and the flume are running free and the beaver ponds are free of ice. Unfortunately you can hear a bit of the TV at the end of the video. My apologies. But we were waiting for the New England Cable News weather forecast (if you live in New England you will find it very reliable) and hoping for a huge storm tomorrow. We aren't getting it: southern New England is getting 10-14 inches (24-25 cm).

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  1. Isn't he pretty? I think squirrels are so cute, I know some people find them a nuisance. We don't have them here, just the possums, the bats, the rats and the crows!

  2. I love the video of the squirrle chattering. I could hear the birds, too. How great that is.

  3. can I spell today? no...
    I mean squirrel...

  4. What lovely photos! I wish I could take squirrel and bird photos like you do. Great video too. I like the bird sounds. You certainly do live in a lovely location!


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