Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two Fisher Cat Stories

A stuffed fisher cat at the Northwoods Center

A few summers ago, at night, a fisher cat tried to break into the open kitchen window. The cats were going crazy trying to break out to get the fisher. I have a shotgun but I couldn't shoot without shooting my own cats. I have to get a rifle soon but have not done so yet. Every night all windows on the first floor of the house have to be closed so that a fisher won't break in. They love to eat housecats.

My spring fed well in the woods.

This wild and true story came to me from our former science teacher, who used to live in Charleston. A dairy farmer there has a spring fed well for his cows in the barn. The water was coming into the barn, yet the cows refused to drink it and were getting thirsty and their milk yield was dropping. Finally the farmer went out to the well to see what the matter was. He took the lid off the well and found a fisher cat drowned in the well. He left the top off the well, intending to return later. But he never got back there for a week. When he returned, he found ten fisher cats drowned in the well!

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  1. Fishers are death on cats. I read a horror story in a magazine a few years ago. The fisher came right through the screen and took out the housecat.

  2. You learned me somethin'! That must be some experience, having one of those things breaking and entering (almost). Thanks for the story along with the wonderful images.

  3. Fisher cats.
    I haven't seen fisher cats before, thanks for sharing these stories for me!

  4. I have never ever heard of a Fisher Cat until this post. As I tend to be a gullible person, I had to check the veracity of it all on Wikipedia before commenting! Sorry, but I thought perhaps it was all some strange legend!

    How strange! Thanks for teaching me something today!

    PS. I am glad you are back in the blogosphere. We missed you!

  5. I feel badly for the fisher cats. Please don't shoot any....even though I don't know what they are. Cats that catch fish? I just eat fish...I don't have to catch it, cuz mom brings it to me from a Fancy Feast can.

  6. Wow, I never knew fishers would attack and eat cats! They sound very vicious and mean. I am scairt of them.

  7. What on earth is a fisher cat?


  8. Talking of animal kingdom thieves however: last night I caught a wild housemouse attemptedly jumping into my hamsters' fishtank!

    Eveil swine!

  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Blessing's post.

    I hope your cats stay safe.

  10. Fishers or fisher cats are not cats at all. They belong to the weasel family and are similar to wolverines. They do not hunt fish but they will eat dead ones. They mostly eat meat, unfortunately cats among other things as well. Fishers were close to exterminated from the northeast starting around mid 1800s with unregulated trapping, but have been reintroduced as they are one of the only predators of porcupines! We have them at my house also, in Mass. Let em' live! :)


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