Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Ducks

Mallards for sure. Mergansers also? I don't know.

Taken at the outlet of Crystal Lake, Barton, Vermont.
More photos of the lake and Hardscrabble Mountain from today.

The outlet goes to Crystal Lake Falls in Barton Village.

Above and below, an old ice house.
There should not be open water in mid-January.

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  1. Those are simply beautiful. Very calming and serene. I love the coloring too.

    Happy WW!

    My Wordless Wednesday #9

  2. These take me out of here and put me up there in a delightful way. These are so serene and vivid, I feel I am at the edge of that water, too!

  3. Oh, it makes my feet feel so cold!! I suppose they are used to it.

  4. beautiful! What a beautiful capture!

  5. Those photos are beautiful. Happy WW!

    Here's my WW

  6. Oh.....DUCK????? Andree, you know whats I would do wit doze!!!

  7. You live is such a beautiful place. Such a view too.

    I like Buddy, I think he is adorable.

    P/S Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back often, the Spice Cats would love to hear from you :)

  8. Great shots. I saw ducks today on a pond and decided I would go back and get some pics for next WW. There's no snow here though!

    Come by and see mine -- more of a statement, actually. I'm about to get a makeover and change my name. Tho't I'd let you know. Happy WW :)

  9. Very nice! Great Wordless Wednesday!
    Come see who had a birthday!

  10. How sweet! I hope they don't get too cold! Happy WW!

  11. That's strange these pictures remind me a parc in Brussels where I used to walk with my son in his pram or later we fed the ducks.

  12. I was just noticing that all of the ducks face in the same direction! Maybe they are turning their backs to the wind?

  13. Beautiful photos. I love your bird shots Andree. I take it that the lake should be completelly frozen over though? Happy WW

  14. Great shots. I could watch ducks for hours. I know I am weird.

    Happy WW

  15. Interesting. I look at those photos and think how cold it must be, yet there is the fact that the water would have been frozen in past years.

    In any case, those are great photos following the ducks.

  16. Such beautiful pics. Are your cats chasing ducks or are they window watching?

  17. I love the way the ducks are enjoying a peaceful retreat in the water. And the place looks so cold and quiet.

    My WW:


  18. Very nice. Was it worth getting cold for, though?


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