Monday, February 04, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Mouse and The Deepest Sleeping Award

Mousie says: "Between our long winter naps, we bathe."

Andrée says, "Thank you, Gattina, for the beautiful
Deepest Sleeping Award given to all in the Cat Blogosphere."

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Happy COT!


  1. Lovely silver fur. It looks so soft; softer than a cashmere sweater.

    BTW We were awarded Blogger of the World by Kitikata whose ginger stripes are so much like Au's, Target's and our old Scoop. I'm not sure what the award is for but Colin who created it says it's used as a meme. So here goes:

    I'm passing this Blogger of the World award along to:
    Gattina who keeps all us cats together on Tuesday;
    Meeyauw whose wildlife pictures of Vermont are so inspiring;
    Sharlene whose very spoilt Spice Cats give me hope whenever I see the state Malaysian stray cats are in!


    And Gong Xi Fah Cai! Happy, lucky, prosperous, healthy Year Of The Rat.

  2. Haha... You call that bathing? We use apple fragrance shampoo with special anti-flea formula. :P

    Speaking of fleas, I think hotter climate like ours over here tends to attract fleas even we are indoor most of the time. Can you imagine the itch we had just 2 hours after bath?

    Any suggestion what would be the best solution?

    p/s: Let my kitties be happy with a comment in their one month old post :P

  3. Thanks god, they move at least for that, lol ! In german when a person doesn't shower enough or is still dirty after washing they say that he did a "Cat wash" !

  4. Congratulations on your awards~~~
    That is awesome~!! Sleeping is very good to our health!!

  5. Mousie is very beautiful, and looks so content washing preparing for another long sleep!

  6. Terrific grooming job, Mousie. You have lovely furs!

    Sleeping? Not here! Okay, maybe a little between play sessions. ;)

  7. It must take a lot of good grooming to keep that floofy fur looking so nice. My furs are a little sparse, but I still groom, groom, groom, groom.

  8. Mousie, you are furry handsome. Great Grooming job! And a big Congratultions on your Award.

  9. Yes I need to pick up one of those for my girl Calista who has slept all winter. Even on the pretty days she wants to sleep. Wonderful picture!

  10. We can't wait till spring when these cats will go out more and stay awake!!!

  11. Happy Bathing! You look so pretty.

  12. Hey, at first I thought that is Luna on that photo.
    Yes I know it is a lot of work to wash that fur.
    I like that award.
    Have a nice day!!!

  13. I bet it's a lot of work to keep your beautiful fur beautiful, but it's worth it. You look very pretty!

  14. Oooh, what lovely floofy fur! I need to go back and get the sleeping kitty award from Gattina now that I have several pictures of the gang snoozing!


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