Monday, February 25, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Today's LOLCat of the Day

Humorous Pictures

You can receive all of the LOLCats you can tolerate by going to I Can Has Cheezburger? and entering your e-mail address into the ICHC Daily E-mail subscription box. Go do it now! The link will open in a new window. Nothing is still happening here in the snowy woods full of sleeping kitties. But another foot of snow (30.5 cm) is coming today and tomorrow! Yippee!

UPDATE! Our thanks to our knowledgeable reader, Mom Unplugged, for pointing out that our kitties may also need to view Catnip-Reefer Madness. It is now presented here for all of us. We hope it helps your family overcome substance abuse problems. It didn't help us at all. Thank you.

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  1. Andree',

    Dis poster iz good newz fur da po-fleece catz. But I won't tell on my frendz!
    Da momee here appresheates your commints on her frend. Da momee iz still not 100%, so I gotta try to be good. Dat iz furry hard.

    Love, your frend, Dr Tweety

  2. What a great sharing. I should get my kitties to join me look at those funny cats. They might join the stars soon :P

    Drop in my totally new COT entry in a totally new kitty blog with a totally new member this week :)

    Have a great week Andree :)

  3. pss... you have a link problem

  4. I love snow - for a day or so, then it palls a bit. Adore the open fires, the hot rum and other wintery things but the cold feet, that horrible moment when you have to leave a warm bed for a frosty bathroom… Nope, I prefer warm Malaysia. Today’s temperature is 28C. Blue Skies. And sacked out cats, just like yours!

  5. I think my cats are not normal. When I present them catnip they look offended turn around and tail up walk away ! No druggies amongst my cats, lol ! This Lolcat page is really cute, I have to take a closer look.
    BTW our weather here is not normal either. We had the coldest summer and now the warmest winter since 18 hundred something ! It seemed to me that we had the same temperature the whole year except that the trees and bushes were naked and now start to get their leaves back. I don't need summer and winter closing anymore.

  6. I have a lolcats up on my post too, great minds think alike! I saw that one and nearly chose it, it made me laugh. I love lolcats.

  7. Thats funny with the lolcats. Our cats use catnip in the garden. It is growing now fresh again.
    Oh, we have the same weather like Gattina here in North Germany.

  8. The LOLCats are usually very funny.

    We are only affected by the strongest dried catnip, when it is still fresh. Otherwise, we ignore it.

    Stay safe and warm with all that snow!

  9. LOLCats--so funny most of the time! I will have to check out the link. Glad you are enjoying the snow...I am one who loves snow in the winter months...we haven't had a normal winter around here in a couple years. Have a great day!

  10. Still no snow for we Southern Virginians but the kitties can cozy up to a fire to stay out of a very cold rain. I've just given up on my big dreams of snow- of course this Easter, my birthday week, when I plan my egg hunt, THEN it will decide to snow here!

  11. We love catnip too. ICHC is one of Mom's favorites!

  12. Too funny! Catnip is such a drug for them they can't resist. I love watching them go nutso after they partake!!

  13. Thanks for sharing. We almost went with a LolCat today as well. But settled for a "CatSynth pic" instead.

  14. That is an important Public Service Announcement. I might have a little problem with the 'nip myself.

  15. We've been teached the common language of cats for a long time. The classes are exceptional and very lively and funny. We hope to pass a batchelore during this spring. LOL.
    No aids allowed.

  16. This is just tooooo hilarious! Good one!

  17. Too Funny! I never thought
    of catnip as cat buzz...
    I have some catnip
    growing out in my garden
    but I think it will be
    a longwhile before it
    gets green after the
    long winter!

  18. Did you ever see Daisy the Curly Cats' movie: "Catnip Reefer Madness?" If not, then you must do so immediately!!!

    Too funny!

    PS. Glad to hear from you, hope all's well!

  19. LOL! That is really Funny!
    My cats would rather I didn't talk to them about their catnip addiction.
    But I feel they may need a 12 step program.


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