Sunday, February 03, 2008

Digital Photography Assignment: Portraits 2

My second batch of portraits was of Mouse (the first was of Possum). I am learning a bit more about Elements, highlights, shadows and contrast adjustments. Once again, I am missing an ear (that was the most often heard suggestion). I find that I am going for the total expression and don't even notice the ears. I like the shots to be very tight. Maybe I should change and zoom out a bit? I like this one, perhaps because Mouse has such a beautiful face. I appreciate your gentle critiques and I listen to each one. Thank you so much!


  1. I like the photo. Very expressive eyes!

  2. Oh, your so good. You may have missed an ear in the eyes of some, but you caught the soul. The eyes have it.

    I've been browsing backwards enjoying all your photos. I'm so glad your getting your rebel. Yay!

    Thanks for the cute get well card. It was wonderful to get so many cards and well wishes. And I'm impressed that you think my writing is powerful. Wow, I have a fan....Yay!

    I am getting better. Today, has especially been a good day. I do have to rest a lot. I'm still haninging out in my nightgown and robe but I've got to go out for a blood test tomorrow so guess I'll have to get dressed.

    I'll visit more later. I'm getting itchy to start writing again, but still have to watch how long I'm sitting up. Right now, I'm intent on getting back to all my visitors while I wasn't able to blog. My vision has finally cleared up and that means I can now read, too.
    TV was getting kind of boring.

    Hugs, girlfriend, thanks for prayers.

  3. She does look a lot like Stasia! I like to do some very close shots, too. I think they are so very expressive.

  4. Honestly, I was thinking the opposite, that you could come in tighter. I didn't even notice the ear.


  5. I start to get jalous about your pictures, lol ! Even with a missing ear that picture is excellent ! I also try and try with my little camera to take expressive pictures of my cats but haven't discovered yet all things my camera has to offer. Maybe I should read the instruction sheet for once !

  6. Gorgeous Eyes! And I so want that camera!!

  7. Love the photo...the eyes have it. When I painted portraits of my three cats - Monster, Jaffa and Baby - I did the area around their eyes and nose. If you would like to see them, click on the blog called Wildlife Gardener's Paintings and scroll back :)

  8. Beautiful photo - keep the tight focus, I love it. Cropping of the ear is not a problem for me and keeps the focus where it should be. Well seen!

  9. I like your photo. It is always good too when you have floofy subject matter.


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