Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Electric Sheep Movie

I took three Electric Sheep mpeg2 files, converted them to be played in Quicktime. These are animated fractal flames. I am having problems making fractal flames in Oxidizer, so if you know how, please leave a comment. This video is very primitive with poor resolution.

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  1. I've been curious about these for a long time. I like what you've done so far and wish I could help. I'll stay tuned. I think one of the One Deep Breath Poets creates fractals. Crafty Green Poet, maybe. She might be a good source.

  2. Sorry I don't know how to make FF in Oxidizer. Good luck though, I'm sure you are very resourceful!

    P.S. The photo I took of Sunny-Barton (I "believe" that is Barton) was taken from interstate 91 as I was driving south.

    I did look at your Barton posts and found a church that resembled the one in my picture, but was not the same church. Do you recognized anything in the photograph I took, except the location of where it was taken...?

    I think there is a chance that it is not Barton, it's an old photo I took a few years back and loved it...I racked my brain for a second or so and remember seeing the awesome-est view from the interstate EVERY TIME I drove by Bartown, so I thought it must be Barton. I even remember taking pictures of it as I drove by....but I've taken soooo many photos during my last job, driving around upper state VT (350 miles a day) for three years.

  3. Have no idea what it is but it looks beautiful :)


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