Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's A Boy!

Scarface is a boy. Click on any photo and confirm it for yourself.

If you are worried about the squirrels surviving in the cold and snow, please don't. The squirrel that was evicted from the garage yesterday was also feeding at the bird feeders today.

Scarface is smaller, browner and thinner than the other squirrels.

But he ain't thinner from lack of eating.

In fact, he actually needed to rest (above) because of his gluttony.

After five minutes of his eyes closed, he spent
another five minutes with eyes open.

And then he crawled back in for more.

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  1. Ha! there's no mistaking him for a girl squirrel! Beautiful photos, Andree

  2. Hahahahahaha!!!! All da way in da feeder???? He IZ a piggy izn't he???

  3. Oh Andree!!!
    I forgots...we gave you an award! 'Cuz you alwayz makes us tink!

  4. These are great shots, Andree! Thanks for the laugh I enjoyed because of this nervy little squirrel!

  5. What a cheeky little boy squirrel! I love the photos, Andree.

    And no, I didn't forget you, it's just that this year I have two trips already planned and really can't justify another one...but believe me, you're not forgotten! I shall arrive one day...

  6. Very good the photographs, most excellent post.
    Very cute the small squirrel

  7. what a cute squirrel, specially with his eyes closed....

  8. It's true, you don't need to be a DVM to know it's a boy, but he just might be genetically engineered. I suspect there's a pig gene or two lurking in his chromosomes.


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