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LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Last Sunday After Epiphany

Transfiguration of Our Lord
Last Sunday after Epiphany

Exodus 24:12-18
Psalm 2 (Ps. 2:7) or
Psalm 99 (Ps. 99:9)
2 Peter 1:16-21
Matthew 17:1-9

These are the readings for this Sunday that have been translated:

Psalm 2 (Ps. 2:7)

1 Y does teh heethn getz mad, and teh peeplz dreem ov themselfz?
2 Teh bossez ov teh urths akt finicky, an dey talk 2 each uther, aginst Ceiling Cat an his peeps, an sez:
3 Do not want flea collarz! An take off da leashez!
4 Ceiling Cat wil LOL: he wil eat ther cheezburgr.
5 Then he wil hiss loud, and growl too. Ceiling Cat is mad.
6 But I haz gived my boss a big scratchpost in Zion.
7 I wil tell everybodie: Ceiling Cat saiz, You iz mah kitteh; today I maked u.
8 Ask me, and I wil giev u heethn'z cheezburgr, and everywherz in the wurld to has.
9 U wil pwn dem wif a big metl stik; u wil pwn dem in peecez laik a watr bowl.
10 B smart, bossez: b teached, judgez ov teh wurld.
11 Ph33r teh Ceiling Cat, an b happy wif shakin.
12 Kiss teh Kitteh, or he getz mad and pwnz u, when he iz just a little mad. Iz gud for everybody 2 trust kitteh.

2 Peter 1:16-21

16We no maided up harblls to maided u thnk rong stuffs,
17 cuz the d00d Jeesus is 4 reel, srsly. Ceiling Cat is all liek, "Tihs b mai d00d 4 reelz!"
18 We herd hym maow frum teh ceiling whens we wuz on teh tabletop, n nos 4 shur tihs 4 reel. Omg srsly.
19 We no taht u belieffers has a flashlight in ur bellies n can has seein n evn teh darkest kichin.
20 Noin taht tehse wordz iz no up 4 d-bate, but can has 1 enterperashun.
21 Cuz the prfessy wuz no all old n crsty liek old toona cans but wuz fresh n noo liek gushy fudz. Kthx.

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A message from the LOL Cat Bible:
The Push to Publish has started. The idea is to get publishers and translators interested in actually getting this work published into a physical copy of the Lolcat Bible.I think it can be done! So get out the word! Invite people to translate. Help translate! There is also an official Facebook group to help keep everyone in touch with the effort.
We hope to have many other Holy Kitties featured this year.
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  1. With this bible I will become religious, lol ! I didn't understand every word but enough to have fun ! I am still laughing !
    I am busy to prepare my week end cat blogging too, for the moment it takes hours to upload a picture !

  2. Oh noes! Ceiling cat is eatin' mah cheezeburger!


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