Friday, February 15, 2008

Photo Hunters: Freewheeling Plow Trashes Mailbox

And now it looks like this.
It used to look like this. Then it looked like this.
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  1. Poor mailbox. Nice entry and have a nice weekend.

  2. Oh, no, the mailbox!! very different take on the theme, free things aren't always positive... can't believe all the snow.
    Happy PH and happy weekend :)

  3. You are not really free to get out your mail from this mailbox, lol !

  4. Oh my, I checked the other links and I see it's a mailbox in distress. Poor fellow overcome by snow.

  5. I love your interpretation! Freewheeling is a good thing to be, unless you are a snowplow.

  6. The plow needs to be more careful and a little less free. What a pain to have your mail box demolished like that. I hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Love your snow! Just stopped by to let you know I wrote the story you suggested in your comment. You will find it here: valentines_14.html

  8. My, seems like someone's getting quite the photographic mileage from that stricken mailbox! ;D

  9. We have a lot of those over here in NH. Can you believe the snow this year?

  10. Our mailbox got plowed in earlier but it wasn't from a snow plow it was from Bart putting the pick-up in ditch and when he backed out of the ditch he plowed into the mail box.

    Some people around here hangs there mail boxes from chains because of the snow plows.

    My photo is up.

  11. Goodness! And you sere annoyed when it was a bit squished!

  12. Oh No - not the mailbox!!!

    I always love your photos!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. lol poor mailbox.

    And of course we have more things in common! Anybody whose online name is meeyauw is someone I'm going to have LOTS in common with! You are obviously a very intelligent person! lol

  14. We don't get mail delivery to our house which is probably why the ploughs here haven't knocked one down! I drive behind them frequently and see them knock over all kinds of things :(

  15. Yeap, when we lived in Illinois, our mail box looked very similar to your too!! Those snow plows do not care what gets in their way...just SNOW!! Thanks for coming by today. I always enjoy your visits. come back.
    You live in one of the states that someday I hope to get to visit!!

  16. Great snowy shot!

    Thanks for coming by "my place" to show some love for my photo this week, too!

    Have a great week!

    Lori V.

  17. Great photofor the theme. Thanks for commenting on mine.

  18. Poor mailbox! This is my first year here in Switzerland. We have gotten lots of snow this year and at times it was pretty deep.

    The Swiss put up snow markers which are long wooden poles with black or red tips on the top so it is easy to see against the white snow. They put them up EVERYWHERE. Here's a link to my post about them with photos.

    Perhaps, you could make one yourself and place near your mailbox.

    Great take on free. :)


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