Sunday, February 10, 2008

They Love Peanuts (and A Squirrel Mouth)

Will it all fit?

Gnaw off that shell!

Needing More Nuts

Messy Mouth

Squirrel Mouth

All photos open full size in a new window when clicked.
Be sure to look at the details!



  1. I always love your squirrel pictures!

    I wanted to let you know that I have given you an Award on my blog. I didn't have your URL to make the link back here, though -- sorry about that. Maybe you could include it if you comment?

  2. You should make a picture book with all these lovely squirrel pictures !!

  3. These guys are cute in the snow eating nuts, less so invading my attic and rampaging through the house, but that's another story. Great shots. I take it you were providing a never ending supply of peanuts. To my knowledge, they don't grow wild in Vermont. Great shots!

  4. Hahahaha! That squirrel is a messy eater!

  5. Your nature photos are always so amazing! I am envious. You can see every hair on that squirrel in the big version! Very cute.

  6. How precious is that! My favorite of the squirrel is the last one. AND all that snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that the best!

  7. oh I do love your photos of the squirrels in the snow. Your squirrels are delightful too, specially the white eyelids...

  8. Just the cutest pictures! I love the clairity!

    By the way you have to go see my little sisters blog she just started one last week!

    When were kids she was always caring for the squirrels and was mom to a few orphan babies once.


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