Sunday, February 10, 2008

Unplugged Project: Sophie Digging for Peanuts Collage

It turns out that my red squirrels love the peanuts that I throw out under the tree (please be sure to see the squirrel photos in those links — which open in a new window). The problem is that they are hiding them everywhere — in the snow. They hid several in the front of the house, where Sophie found them by digging in the snow. The dogs can smell a squirrel very quickly, so without seeing a squirrel, she knew something was under that snow. After finding the peanut, she would happily munch it before looking for another.

There was a heavy snow squall blowing while I took these photos. The wind was wild. Sophie was digging so fast that two of the photos are blurry. You can see the collage, full size, in a new window if you click on the image.

Often I take several photos of the same scene. Each photo may appeal to me so that I cannot choose which to post. But it can be boring for a reader to scroll down through all of the photos. A collage is the answer. In my quest to make collages on the Mac, I have finally decided that using ImageWell to place the photos, then Elements to edit the edges, then ImageWell for the frame is what works best for now. It is still a very clumsy method and I hope I find a Macintosh collage maker soon.

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  1. Looks like she's having fun. Our dogs love digging for stuff in the snow (especially food) and are always out and "helping" when I feed the birds and the squirrels.

  2. Using a collage as a way to post multiple similar photos is a very good idea. I have never tried it, but I often have the same problem as you. A bunch of photos that I like, but which would probably bore a reader!

    By the way, I am viewing your blog on my new birthday toy: a MacBook Air! It is SO neat! (should I change my name to "Mom-Not-So-Unplugged?")

  3. By the way, Sophie is cute as always. Does she eat birdseed too? My dogs do.

  4. Cute collage.

    Is your dog ready for more snow tonight?

  5. What a great idea for the collage- it looks like your dog was having a great time. And I loved the "squirrel lips" picture!

  6. What a great idea: similar photos but they tell a story. Also, I am jealous of your snow.

  7. I'm very impressed with your collage. I think it's great the way pictures can be altered and displayed in great ways on the computer now. I'd like to know how to do it but I'm not sure where to begin.

  8. That is hilarious!
    Elise always tries to find the nuts that get left out for the squirrels when they are buried by snow!


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