Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Digital Photography Assignment: Portraits 3

I usually like my photos much darker but I am trying to break out of that. I love her expression but don't like the framing. Here is another version:

Which do you prefer? Top or bottom? Thank you for the help.

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  1. i say the 2nd - more focus on the face - cute!

    mine's up. it's hilarious.

  2. I agree - the second one is better. The emphasis is on the eyes and nose - all dark which contrasts the face. Even closer would be better.

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  3. I like them both! The second is probably a little better.

  4. I also would say the second one is better it has more contrast. It's such a sweet picture !

  5. I like the second one also. She is so beautiful! I like to see her face close-up. No distractions

  6. I went back and forth trying to decide which I liked better, but I could not decide. My Mommie says that's one of the hardest things about helping me blog: we take many, many, many photos and picking the actual photos to use can be hard.

  7. I can't decide! But I'll take him.

  8. Well, I like the first one best. This time the close up is distracting to me. I like to see more of your dog's body in the photo to help me focus on the faceso I vote for the first one!

  9. I'll go with Paulie here. I like seeing more of him.


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