Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Ice Shack on Crystal Lake

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  1. Wow. I clicked on this image and got to wander around the distant hills for a while before I came back down to the cottage on ice! I really like the play of light on the hills and clouds. What a beautiful time of year. Thanks for the trip to Vermont!

  2. Wow! We have something like this nearby too, in fact we are planning to go there sometime. Happy WWW!

  3. Wow I love to see fishing shantys on the ice. My parents are from (Essex)Vermont.Have you ever heard of Knolls Farm ?It is down in Waitsfield. This is where my fathers family lived. I can remember back in the late 60's going out on the ice with Grandparents on Mallets Bay . I was only a little thing. Love to see pictures of Vermont anytime of the year.

  4. Do you ever get past the fear of walking on frozen water--- pretty surroundings--

  5. Ohh wow that looks amazing! but I would be too scared to walk through frozen water.happy WW!
    Life’s Impression

  6. That's an amazing picture, it looks quite unreal !

  7. Amazing how that shack is camouflaged in the snow.

  8. It's truly an amazing shot and oh, so beautiful!!
    Happy ww :)

  9. I have a couple words for this - COLD, and beautiful.

  10. What a lovely scene, the shack blended well with the Crystal Lake :)

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  11. The ice shack is such an interesting image, out on the flat "plane" of the lake.

    I guess it has to be removed before the ice melts? ;)

  12. What a great shot! I had to put on my sweater after looking at it though, because I got cold.

    Happy WW

  13. I love the ice shack on Crystal Lake!! Lake Willoughby is one of my favorite lakes and they happen to be connected by underground rivers.

    That's pretty cool. Nice work!

  14. You know, I've never really seen an ice shack, only heard about them. That little bitty shack really showed the majesty of the surroundings. Beautiful shot.

  15. wow -that is spectacular and so white.
    Beautiful !

    thanks for visiting me


  16. Great shot. It reminds me of the ice shacks we would see on Delta Lake when we would ski the old canal towpath.

  17. I so want to go ice fishing with my two boys! I must do something about it.

    I just added you to my WW round, I'll be back next week!

    My post: Vrooom!.

    My son Juan's post: I'm a soccer star!.

    Happy WW!

  18. That is so cool. I've never ever understood ice fishing. It is all the boredom of fishing with cold thrown in.


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