Monday, March 03, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Charlie Awoke!

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  1. Jeremy was on my lap just now and when he saw that big and sharp fangs, he ran and hide under the cabinet.

    I used to have a cat of that same light beige color when I was a child but he ran away when I opened my car door on my way to my Grandma's house. Such a pity, I went hunting for him for days but he was nowhere to be found. By the way, his name was Romereo :P

  2. Aiks.. Jeremy is still peeping under the cabinet :P

  3. "Oh what big teeth you have..." Glad to see you awake too Charlie!

  4. Now I am scared and have to close my laptop, lol !

    PS I don't think that Lisa has something physical. she looks and behaves too well for that. She is just like an old nasty woman who wants to terrorize her family, lol ! But if it doesn't stop I will take her to the vet.

  5. Wow, great teeth, I´m impressed !
    Hehe, at first I want to take the same photo from Luna, but I save it for the next time.
    It is good to see you awake and not asleep.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Great capture! And look at those sharp pearly white teeth!

  7. That's a great shot. I am very envious of those long, beautiful whiskers.

  8. Fierce! One of my cats is having a long snooze and the other is upstairs, likely doing the same.

  9. Beautifully captured! I love kitties :)

  10. Big big Yaww!

    Come home Silvi!


  11. Wow, great shot! Ya know, I thought he was roaring like a lion before I saw your title. Very impressive, Charlie! :D

  12. Lovely big yawn! I checked
    out your snow depth link.
    I am glad some of our snow
    melted or it would look
    like your 50". It's been a
    long winter here too.

  13. Oops seems like I clicked the wrong post to comment on.
    Looking for the Heads and tails one.

  14. Hi Andree, I'm back again to answer your question about the meowy music on my little video last COT...there's a website for Marc Gunn and the Dublin Tabbycats--I don't remember the exact URL but you can google it and download several songsfor free! :)


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