Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Mourning, Dove!

Outside temperature: 6°F (-14.4°C)
Doves close their eyes when they eat.

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  1. Sometimes when I've been cooking leftovers, I'm like those doves... I have to close my eyes, too!

    They recently "settled" a long brouhaha about hunting mourning doves in Michigan by letting it happen in a few southern "test" counties... (other states allow hunting of doves freely).

    I was VEHEMENTLY opposed to it because though our forefathers raised them for food in dovecotes, we have no need for that today, and they are great birds to have around.

  2. We have quite a lot of them around our garden and they are Arthurs enemies, he doesn't like them. Your pictures are very nice and they look so blown up, lol! I am proud of the picture which I took of Rosie if you have time have a look on my cat blog.


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